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Con Trios Yacht Club Birthdays:

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January Birthdays:

1st - Past Commodore Greg Colletta
3rd - Michelle Johnson

4th - Peggy Colletta and Debbie Beauchamp

10th - Ernie Stolze

20th - Lisa Hickey

27th - Past Commodore Bill Mixon
30th - Jason Leitner

February Birthdays:

7th - Mark Foppe

9th - Past Commodore Gary Meinershagen

March Birthdays:

3rd - Mark Miles

4th - Bill Kelley
8th - Scott Cline

14th - Mike Halley

23rd - Tom Lenkman and Paula Dill

28th - Lou Lenkman

31st - Dutch Hauhe

April Birthdays:

8th - Mike Baisch

12th - Brian Hamm
18th - Jan Eddington
22nd - Jennie Foppe

28th -Past Commodore Scott Hickey

May Birthdays:

1st - Jim Fogarty
7th - John Sturm
19th - Frank Spencer

20th - Steve Holderer

25th - Dave Stolze


June Birthdays:

3rd - Paul Dickinson

10th - Joan Shamel

14th - Darryll Weil

22n - Gary Dill

July Birthdays:

9th - Ernie Moretti

14th - Mindy Stegall

18th - Dana Schessler

23rd - Ronnie Stevens and Gayle LaMarr

26th - Pat DiFatta
29th - Sue Moretti

30th - John Dowell

August Birthdays:

1st - Damon Sagehorn
3rd - Susan Carroll
12th - Bill Taylor
10th - Bert Yates
20th - Ray DeClue
23rd - Trish Hamm

26th -Past Commodore Bill Tullock

29th - Terrie Bert

September Birthdays:

4th - Royce LaMarr
5th - Howard Weidinger

7th - Past Commodore Carl Tiemann

8th - Past Commodore John Bicknese
10th - Nora Moore

17th - David Stegall

22nd - Dan Henderson

24th - Connie Scheafnocker

October Birthdays:

4th - Gene Tichacek
7th - Frank Lancia

8th - Kathy Thompson

23rd - Past Commodore Tim Tighe
29th - Kelly Haines

30th - Caryl Kastendieck

November Birthdays:


7th - Rich Luttrell

14th - Craig Tredway

15th - Judi Miller

19th - Sheryl Obst-Glen

21st - Denny Moore and Roger Thompson
22nd -Past Commodore Rick Flier
23rd - Dennis Carroll

29th - Papa John DiFatta

30th - Teresa Holderer 

December Birthdays:

3rd - Judy Meinershagen

4th - Karlan Kastendieck

11th - Maureen Weil
14th - Joseph Carrara

15th - Ruthie Durmeier

16th - Joyce Crowley (S.O. of Ernie Stolze)
19th - Mike Bruno

21st - Craig Scheafnocker
25th - Robert Easterday

26th - Barb Nelson

30th - Greg Miller

31st - Lynn Sansone and Pren Beauchamp